Many Dreams - Many Journeys - Within Perfect Balance
                                                                          Nancy G. Brooks

"When we live Within Perfect Balance
We are as unique as a snowflake and our thumbprints.
We do not look like anyone else in any given situation.
Only from within can we know if we are balanced.
There is no outside barometer;
Only an inner voice, a knowing,
A calm and peace that defies
Understanding and circumstance.
Chaos, fear and doubt may surround you
And when you are Within Perfect Balance
You barely notice."

Interviewing Your Dreams - Within Perfect Balance

Since 1993, I have been teaching individuals to “interview your dreams” as a resource for life. Dreams are our best friends. They never lie. They tell us where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.

Individually and collectively, dreams are a language made up of symbols from the experiences of our lives – from the known and unknown world in which we live. We choose objects/events/people from our past to create a story line, whose message directs us to see “up close and personal” what is balanced and unbalanced in the many aspects of living. We often wake up from a dream either feeling elated with the positive emotion/actions of the dream or depressed because the dream held a story line that was not pleasing. Either way, (and all the emotions in between) we are given “information” as a resource for life. And the “information” is just “information” - whether it feels nightmarish in nature or calm and matter of fact. All dreams and their symbolism are given to us as wisdom and knowledge to support us in living.

Each month, I will post an article that begins with a dream and then goes on to show how the topic of the dream relates to life and its natural balance in personal and collective circumstances.

It is my wish that your
Many Dreams – Many Journeys
will eventually create a life that is
Within Perfect Balance!


Two Good Tired Feet – Moving Forward  - One Step at a Time

I dream that I am coming back from moving into my new place of residence. I am MOVING forward on a busy highway and I can see ahead to my ultimate destination. There is an access road that appears to lead directly to where I am going and I quickly exit the main road onto the access pavement. Within seconds, I come to realize that what appeared to be a road does not exist and that the right side of my car has no ground beneath it. I immediately stop and carefully remove myself from the vehicle - as it simultaneously falls into space, dropping several stories down into the water below – the car sinking into oblivion. I stand quietly on terra firma endeavoring to process what has just occurred and then I climb up the embankment and hit the pavement - using the main road once again. I know that where I am being led still exists – there are just no shortcuts and the vehicle I was using is gone and my feet are now the modus operandi for the moment.

I woke up from this dream and I was not feeling happy. There I was in the dream - moving forward at a good clip with my goal in sight and what appeared to be a path (like the crows fly) and – BAM! – my car is gone and I am left with my two good tired feet!

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What Messages Are
In Your Dreams?

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Every child – young and old – should know that dreams never lie. They are our best friends. They tell us where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going. 
  Nancy Brooks